Fix-a-Flat Ultimate 1-Step Tire Repair Kit #S50073
Fix-a-Flat Ultimate 1-Step Tire Repair Kit #S50073

Ultimate 1-Step Tire Repair Kit

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The Fix-A-Flat Ultimate 1-Step Tire Repair Kit is designed to get you back on the road quickly and easily. Based on the same technology as many of the tire repair kits found in new vehicles, the Ultimate 1-Step seals punctures and provides 100% inflation in just 7 minutes.

At the push of a single button, Fix-a-Flat's environmentally-friendly tire sealant and air are injected into the flat tire, repairing and re-inflating the tire in one simple step. No need to wait for a tow or resort to using a tire jack and heavy tools.

Sealant refill bottle available (Part number S10157).

Just connect, inflate and go!

• Repair and inflate a standard car tire in 7 minutes
• Seals tread area punctures up to 1/4" in diameter
• Works on all vehicles with tires sized up to 265/65R16
• Fix-A-Flat is a temporary repair. An approved RMA (Rubber Manufacturer’s Association) repair is recommended within 500 miles
• Don't forget the refill! Part number S10157
• Part Number: S50073

Tire repair kit contains 2 elements:
  • Powerful, reusable 12-volt tire inflator
    • Plugs into your car's accessory outlet 
    • Built-in dial tire pressure gauge (0-100 psi)
    • Bright LED safety light

  • 16 oz of Fix-A-Flat tire sealant
    • Environmentally-friendly formula
    • Non-flammable, non-toxic and non-corrosive
    • Easily cleans up with water
    • Tire sensor safe